Other tests

※ height, weight detection

For children and adolescents, measuring height and weight

It is a developmental indicators, and for adults, it can be said to constitute a basic condition for healthy unhealthy. To ensure the accuracy of medical contrast detection precision of the whole image, so do the testing before it must first obtain height and weight data, which is expert Dr. estimating their cell reinfusion quantization process is a very important basis for the future.



※ Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure is a physical reference signals cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure is 120 / 80mmHg, if the systolic blood pressure higher than 140 / 90mmHg, it may be “high blood pressure”, the risk of cardiovascular disease in high-risk groups; if the systolic blood pressure low at 90 / 60mmHg, it may be “low blood pressure.” After understanding how to interpret blood pressure values, you can let yourself be more a sense of crisis, but also to make themselves and their expert, Dr. Know your physical condition.



※ bone density detection

Bone density check is a brief assessment of bone health of the fastest method, according to the World Health Organization bone density levels of classification for osteoporosis, it is generally divided into reducing normal bone mass, osteoporosis and severe osteoporosis four grades . But this test can be used to discover whether suffering from osteoporosis expert Dr. also then be able to assess your risk of a future fracture height.



※ fat percentage Detection

Total body fat percentage of body weight is fat percentage. In general, male body fat accounts for about 10 to 20% of body weight, while women are about 15% to 25%. When detects a person’s body fat percentage is more than a certain percentage of obese male upper limit shall not exceed 25%, the upper limit shall not exceed 30% of women. From a health perspective, body fat limit of 5% of men, 12 percent women.



※ heart and kidney function Electrocardiogram

The heart is the human blood circulatory system to promote stable output of major organs, the kidneys filter the blood was to maintain the vital organs of body fluids and electrolyte balance. This test in addition to the assessment of the heart and kidney function is normal, but in the mastery to the frequency and function of your heartbeat after, but also about the integration of your time in the future with cell reinfusion cells, sometimes affect or as reinfusion When the bit speed basis.



※ Age visceral vascular toxin detection

Vascular age and visceral toxin is an important indicator of physiological age, the blood vessels along with the accumulation of cholesterol and promote the aging time, the body will not be of long-term accumulation of toxins caused by metabolic diseases. Through high-precision quantum physics and chaos mathematics contrast technology to understand your organs function, this test is also expert Dr. measured data are based on a variety of nutrition and an important basis for the deployment of detoxification drip formulations.



※ ultrasonic testing

Ultrasound is a sound wave frequencies above 20000Hz does not have radiation on the human body or the fetus are not any harmful. Ultrasonic waves into the body through the probe to the instrument and reflection after receiving treatment rendered images for detecting the abdomen in the liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney, ovary and uterus and other organs, the liver cirrhosis and liver, kidney, pancreas and ovary tumor detection plays an indispensable roles.



※ urine, feces uterine sample testing

The main purpose of urine to assess the effect of disease treatment and diagnosis of kidney, urinary system, or some metabolic or systemic diseases; feces mainly as a diagnostic check whether digestive organs due to various diseases and parasitic infections and bleeding No reference index; and for female friends, sampling the endometrium can assess the risk of early cervical cancer and endometrial cancer level, in order to achieve early diagnosis, early treatment efficacy and thus prevent major diseases generated.



※ PET / CT Scan

This is a combination of PET and CT positron photography computer tomography scans, and make the integration of high-resolution images to produce a 3D image, the accuracy of lesion detection of cancer and up to 95%, in addition to multiple clinical sites do cancer screening, but also can be applied to distinguish benign or malignant tumors and cancer treatment to track whether there is recurrence or metastasis of the phenomenon, according to an important reference for cancer treatment plan.



※ heavy particle radiation therapy

Harness heavy ions can penetrate deep into the body tissue, after medical accelerator become accelerated to near light speed after having a high-energy particles, and optionally concentration irradiation and release enormous energy against tumor cells, tumor cells highly lethal and high degree of accuracy, thereby reducing damage to normal tissue cells to achieve painless, no side effects of high-efficiency Gongsha cancer effect.