TH1 re-infusion

TH1 re-infusion:

The human body is like a car, needs through continuous maintenance to ensure normal function of various organ systems functioning, although after heavy healthy immune system through a large maintenance, has gained a new life and access to quality of life overall upgrade, but accompanied by the gradual aging of the body clock, resulting in decreased immune function in the immune system is not perfect growing ethnic group. Through repeated blood sampling, the natural world expert Dr. will continue to seek from each sample and analyzed from a newborn more powerful immune cells, immune factors and immune mother cells, which is also the perseverance of leveling all of immunity cell family, nothing more than hope to bring all predestined people have a more comprehensive body defense system.

After the re-implementation of health, if the first embodiment of this treatment, the natural world will provide the best solution, not just reinfusion comprehensive Gongsha Th1 cells and strengthen Th2, Th17 and T-reg factor, but also put more newly discovered work cells and other immune cells to strengthen the ethnic factor, in order to fully optimize and improve the overall immune system and ensure the maintenance of the immune system in peak periods when he was young. In the future, if you need to visualize individual needs a particular kind of back and forth lose immune cells maintain body all need to have combat troops, health, vitality continuation will be able to realize the dream!