Benefits of the Membership

Service has always been to follow the natural world to join members of the Group established a nice ring, but many years ago, the founder of gratitude for the contribution of entrepreneurs to society, the natural world for members of the group has set up a health club NMS, specifically for the enterprise home to protect their health. NMS club collection of cutting-edge detection technology refined, accurate data and years of clinical experience, has been deep affinity for love with those who love and trust.

The natural continuation of the history of the world have been able to develop a solid half century, not only has many nice ring to follow the long-term trust and understanding, the object group services even in the absence of meaningful understanding of the concept before, would prefer not to provide any services, to avoid repeated the baseless assertion, misunderstandings Natural World Group uphold the principle of good faith to the affinity that people actually support the earliest possible stage into the prevention, medical care and health of the natural world far, due to the founder of “body, mind, and spirit” as the central idea of ​​natural philosophy, from nature cultivation of plants, and then develop enzyme somatic cell rejuvenation technology, in response to requirements of the times and then moving forward preventive medicine treatment, “far-medical” prevention is better than cure concept stage to reach the real practice, in fact, a great contribution to mankind pioneering.

The establishment of the club is to let NMS play important positions in society and contribute to the socio-economic development influential elite people who can maintain health, increase the length of life, continue to benefit people and the creation of the current health care unit of the birth of Nagoya with the world The most cutting-edge medical technology – Latest modern preventive medicine, that is, the pursuit of dreams for your health and longevity goals choice.